Finals week is finally here. Not only does this mean that I am stressed beyond belief, passed the point of exhaustion and so over campus food… it is my last week of it for over 3 whole months! I’m pretty excited about it. And lately, things are looking up!

Since they have added hummus wraps to the menu at Benny’s, it’s pretty much what I get every time. And surprisingly, it’s delicious! I also have recently discovered a new section at Benny’s where they make the salad for you, and you can choose which lettuce, veggies and dressing you want for it. It’s pretty good. The problem is that it’s so expensive! This goes along with part of my research topic (which I have been working on like crazy) that healthy food always seems to be more expensive! Quite unjust if you ask me. However, I somehow have a bunch of flex on my account still to use on expensive things at Benny’s such as these salads. 🙂

Also, I feel as though our quiet efforts of hating on the caf are slowly starting to make a difference. Last week there were even fresh strawberries available to us. I was so excited, I took probably way too many to fulfill my WEEKLY recommended dosage.

Since this is my last blog, I’d just like to mention that this course has helped me to learn a lot about my food choices and options, and question things a lot more. I will continue to do this long after this class. So thank you 🙂