This week in class we briefly discussed  the opinion pieces found online whether a vegan diet is healthy or not. I found these articles very interesting. In one case, it was brought up that pregnant women should not be on a vegan diet while the child is in the womb, and also while that child is breastfeeding. There are many vitamins one is not receiving without animal products unless they are taking the perfect amount of supplements, which is not very likely. One should let their child decide for themselves what food they want to consume.

On the other hand, it was mentioned that it is a little suspicious that humans can not eat animal products without getting sick.. unless they are processed or include unnatural ingredients. Maybe we weren’t designed to eat meat or consume animal products!

However, since we live in a world where animal products are everywhere, it is such a challenge to avoid these options.

Today in class we discussed the problems we have with our campus dining options. We discussed many alternatives and improvements the caf could provide for us such as more variety when it comes to fresh fruit, more tofu options, and less potato options, better salad bar, vegan friendly desserts, and labeling with ingredients and whether there are allergy concerns related to it. I believe that with a lot of effort some things could be changed. But realistically, the school is going to do the least expensive option.