Today on Marion Nestle posted an interview with NYU and the Steinhardt School’s website. A book titled “Why Calories Count” is the cause for a couple questions. The blog can be found at:

People across the globe seem to be obsessed with calories. The article claims that calories are, “critical to the most important public health, social, and economic issues facing the world today.”

There are so many issues with calories. About a billion do not consume enough calories, and about a billion consume way too many calories. The book was written in order to educate the world about facts and tips concerning calories.

A calorie is actually a way to measure energy. I don’t think that enough people realize this. Calories are the way that we keep our bodies warm, have enough energy to power our bodies and muscles, or sometimes we store calories as fat. Or maybe more than just sometimes.

Calories are a problem because it is hard to notice them. They are invisible, with no scent or real taste. Besides reading the label to know, we really only notice them when we start to gain weight!

The book talks about the difference between calories measured and calories estimated. Most labels simply estimate how many calories are in an item… so how will we ever know how many calories we are actually consuming? It’s kind of scary that we may never really know. Therefore, it’s better that we eat smaller portions rather than actually attempting to count the calories we eat.