This week, as an irresponsible student, I left the country to go on a cruise with my family. However, while on this cruise, I learned some valuable information regarding my research topic… convenience truly, truly, truly effects our diet. Big time.

When paying for the cruise, included is all the food you could possibly want. Seriously, 24-hour unlimited pizza and ice cream in one dining location. In the room where we ate dinner, you could order as much or as little as you’d like.

Often times I found myself ordering two appetizers, three entrees, and two desserts. I wish I was kidding. But with the motto, “why not?!” drilled into my head by those around me, it was hard to resist.

Sure, since I am educated I knew to order some vegetables and fruit, and not to eat ALL of my dessert… but I started thinking about those who are uneducated on nutrition.

My mother, for instance, had no problem eating whatever she wanted, regardless of the consequences. For my paper I found that people will eat what is most convenient for them. On the ship, there was zero prep time required for the consumer. Cost was no longer an issue. And location seriously could not get much closer.

It was a somewhat rewarding experience though because it allowed me to try all sorts of new foods I had never thought to try before. For example I had lobster, strawberry soup, baked apples, and maybe one or two “bahama mamas” (a lovely mix of fruity, maybe alcoholic drinks ;] )

On a side note, since lent is over I am starting to slowly eat meat again. However I am finding that I was really okay without it, and I will always try to keep the amount of meat I eat to a minimum because I envision those youtube videos we watched in class!!!