This week I learned a lot from interviewing my parents about their eating habits. I asked them both what they considered to be healthy food, and I was partially surprised by their answers. However I can’t deny that I expected some of the things they said, after all I did live under their roof for 18 years of my life.

My mother, one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet in your life, claims that she does not care AT ALL about the healthy aspect a food may have. It is one hundred percent based on what she believes tastes good. She knows soda is bad for you, but there’s no way you can get her to stop drinking it. She knows that fruits are healthy, but she doesn’t like any of them. Only strawberries, if they are the juicy kind that you get at the store. She seems to vaguely understand what she should be eating, but what I think she is lacking is the knowledge of what the negative effects of her diet are doing to her health. It’s my new goal to lecture her until she listens to me.

My father however understands a lot of things. He has struggled with losing weights and dieting for some time now, and while it works a little bit, it is not actually going anywhere. He knows that vegetables are good to have in salad and that dressing is not. He knows to eat a lot of fiber and decrease his calorie intake as well as the amount of saturated fat he consumes. His problem is that he gets his knowledge about food purely from advertisements. He also will need some help being educated.

I have learned so much in this class in order to help them with their diets and improving their health. So thanks really go to you, Dr. Epstein.

My thoughts on food this week are simply.. counting down the days until lent is over so  I can have chocolate again! It has been so hard without it!

(only nine days left)