This week in class we discussed the problem of obesity in the nation. It is very interesting to me the map that we looked at showing the trends of how many people are obese today across America, and the locations of where there is a more densely populated obese region.

But what is obesity? Is it an epidemic? A battle? A war? People tend to think of obese people as “fat people.” But this is too general of an assumption. Just because someone is bigger does not mean they are lazy. And just because someone is thinner does not mean they have the best eating and exercise habits.

This week I thought about how we (or I) judge people for what and where they choose to eat. For example, why is it that when we see a thin girl going up to get ice cream it is no problem. However, as soon as the overweight goes up for a brownie, it is automatically assumed that they are healthy and lazy. But who’s to say she didn’t just come from the gym? Whereas the thin girl was just watching a movie, or doing no form of physical activity.

While I believe that I eat a pretty healthy diet. I can’t deny that I occasionally go up in the caf for multiple plates… and dessert. But how do people who don’t know me view my diet? Do they know that I go the gym daily so I feel better about myself enough to eat so much?

In summary, this week I gave more thought to how my food choices not only effect me, but effect my image as well.