However, when people go into a reduced-calorie diet, these systems go into overdrive… and make it very challenging to lose weight. When one intakes less calories for the purpose of losing weight, they are actually slowing their metabolism. So the solution is not inherently starving yourself, but actually rigorous amounts of exercise, diet, and lifestyle differences.

Mark Bittman, from the Opinionator, believes that calories are a political marketing tool. He believes we should “fix school lunches so they’re based on fresh foods, and fix food assistance programs so people have greater access to healthier foods.”

This relates to what we discussed in class this week. Not only should we provide healthier food for children, but we also need to educate them. They need to be able to know what to do outside of school to be healthy. We should teach them how to cook, what to cook, and how to maintain a vegetable garden.

But is the problem really calorie intake? America confuses obesity purely as an eating problem. If our population were to simply rework our own lifestyle and self-image into a healthier and more active lifestyle, this problem would resolve itself naturally.