While home for break, it was quite the adjustment in many ways. The greatest adjustment was probably my diet. My parents were so happy to have me home that they wanted to take me out every meal. Those meals were the easiest (and best). However, my mom also wanted to pamper me with meals made at home. It was hard for her to prepare a meal that would satisfy everyone though! My vegetarian diet is new for my family.

What would the main meal be if it wasn’t a ham, or turkey, or a bologna sandwich? Basically, we just ate a lot of pasta. And I mean a lot… We also tried breakfast for dinner a couple of times 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed being home with ACTUAL appliances to make food! It so beat the microwave I have to use here… While at home  I was able to make homemade pizza rolls, muffins, and ginger snap cookies (yum!) I also was desperate enough to eat

Shopping for food to come back to school was probably the most interaction I had with food this last week. I was looking for the healthiest option, and also, obviously, the best price. But, as is always the case, about 90% of my food has a shelf life of way more than a week. But I try to make myself feel better by buying the healthiest brand of cream cheese and whole wheat bagels!

PROJECT UPDATE: I have sent out my survey, and have already received results from 60 people. I’m happy to be getting a start on the project, but I am already stressing about the writing I will have to be doing the next few weeks.