This week was my first half week of being a vegetarian. So far I am surprised how easy it is! At Benny’s I can have veggie pizza, cheese pizza, salads, hummus sandwiches, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The caf offers pasta, grilled cheese, salads and some fruit and vegetables. It’s not too hard yet, but I am afraid I will get sick of these options. On the bright side, break is coming up to give me some variety to my diet. However, my family loves meat, so it may be challenge for good food at home!

The main obstacle is that I also gave up chocolate! I’m not big into religion or anything, I just like to challenge myself. And chocolate is already proving to be a challenge. I can’t put syrup on my ice cream, or eat any cupcakes for my friends birthday (since they were all chocolate), and most importantly 90% of the candy at Benny’s contains chocolate! I was stuck with Twizzlers for today. Hopefully these next weeks teach me to eat healthier…

In class today we talked about how culture is a toolkit. Throughout our discussion I realized that I have a very small toolkit when it comes to knowledge about foods. A lot of the foods that were brought up today I had never even heard of, so I had no idea how I would prepare them. I am interested in learning more about foods so I can broaden my diet in my life after dorm-life. My plan right now is to start watching more food shows, especially since I am one of the few in the class that does not normally watch these shows. I feel left out, so hopefully by our next discussion I will be able to contribute information about these shows!