Today on I found a blog post about Portion control. (

The question Marion Nestle is answering is: What is the importance of size in our portions? And What is the best way to judge portions when going out to dinner?

Her answer is simple: “Large portions make you eat more.” The more that is on our plate directly increases our calorie intake and also it causes us to “underestimate how much [we] are eating.”

If you think about it, this is so true. It seems as though everything I order at restaurants I HAVE to take home with me for leftovers, after attempting to eat the whole thing. (And always being crazy full, I may add). I can’t think of a time I’ve gone out to eat and not been full on my way out. Which I suppose is a good thing, but the question is am I TOO full?

While many of us may not think about it, portion sizes are out of control for drinks as well as food. Apparently some soft drinks have as many as 800 calories in them! A fact that, quite frankly, really disturbs me. (Thank God I am cheap, and always order water).

Nestle recommends that we use small plates in the dining hall. When we go out we should order appetizers instead of entrees, or share our portions with friends. These are all plausible solutions. However, as is mentioned in this blog, a lot of restaurants charge a lot for smaller portions.

Also, when I have tried in the past to order of the children’s menu for a better size and cost, the restaurants have refused… stupid age limit.