I have decided that I am definitely giving up meat for lent. Since the class started I obviously have been thinking about meat in great detail every time it is on my plate, and I have gradually been consuming less and less of it. Lent starts on next Wednesday, the 22nd, and although I am not a highly religious person, I think it will be a great challenge for myself and I will stop having to feel bad when there is meat on my plate- since it will NOT be there until Easter.

However, this week we did not discuss meat in class at all! Instead, the discussion of organic foods is what was mostly on my mind as I ate meals at the caf or Benny’s. I realized not much of it can really be THAT organic, since it was mass produced for all of us. And it doesn’t really take too long to cook or serve to us students.

So how am I supposed to eat a natural diet in which everything I eat is good for me and was treated well in the process?

The options for off-campus dining in Selinsgrove aren’t that great either. Other than Emma’s on Market Street which serves all local food and ingredients, I know of no other place to eat “organically.” Especially since the strip consists of McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Wendy’s, etc. While these places are cheap and convenient for college students, I wish there were more options for a cheap, convenient, and HEALTHY meal.