On foodpolitics.com I found a blog post about Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign (http://www.foodpolitics.com/2012/02/happy-2nd-birthday-lets-move/) from Monday, February 6th.

It is the two year anniversary of the creation of this campaign. And although I had heard of it before, this blog helped me to realize what exactly it’s goals are.

Apparently, the goal of this campaign has always been “to reduce childhood obesity by improving school food and inner city access to healthy foods.” I believe it is very important to focus on the children, since habits of eating unhealthy food can start at a young age and can be hard to change.

However, it is not so easy to persuade children to always make the healthiest choice. According to the blog, in 2008 the food and beverage industry spent almost $16.3 million to fight soda taxes or advertisements that suggested kids limit the buying of their unhealthy but profitable products.

Also, this campaign is hard because it deals with complicated issues such as race, class, and access to these healthy foods. For example, if more healthy foods become available at the grocery store, not everyone will be able to access these foods, so it may not help the obesity problem. Putting a tax on soda could be a good start to making it seem like that is not the best option, however that can effect people who are not obese! (Thinking of my mother who needs a pepsi a day to be happy.)

Michelle Obama has incredible influence due to her position as the First Lady of our nation; hopefully she is able to continue this campaign and make a difference for the youth of America.