Rates of obesity drastically increased in the 1980s and continued to grow in the 1990s, according to this article. This increase can be directly related to the increased farm production at this time. Which started the chain effect increasing the amount of calories and amount of marketing strategies that encouraged larger portions.

Nestle has theories about why these rates are leveling off now. This includes people being more aware of the obesity epidemic and are now more careful about what they are eating, the poor economy making it harder for Americans to continue eating a lot of food, and since the rate of male obesity is the only statistic not remaining stagnant, this could be due to the marketing pressures for males to eat more.

Personally, I’m not sure why the obesity rate has not continued to increase. Certainly there has been an increased notion to notify the public about becoming more aware of their weight and their food choices, but at the same time there is still a RIDICULOUS amount of advertisements for junk food and cheap fast food deals. 

Perhaps if there were even more programs or policies in effect to assist Americans from becoming obese, we could start to actually lower the amount of obese Americans.