This week we learned about how the food we eat and buy from supermarkets is grown so far away from us. It’s interesting that there are so many steps that food goes through before it reaches the consumer. The modern food system pressures farmers to produce an abundance of food. But if there is excess food, it is preserved for awhile before we get our hands on it.

I’ve started to think about the food I eat, and why I eat it. While on campus, my diet consists mostly of just food from the caf, or pizza from Benny’s. In other words, I don’t eat healthiest here at Susquehanna. Even if I choose apple slices as a side, I’m starting to wonder how healthy it REALLY is. Fruit aren’t supposed to stay fresh for months at a time, so what are those preserving chemicals doing to my body and diet?

In my spare time, I snack on packaged foods in my dorm. This food consists of packaged ritz crackers, oatmeal, pop-tarts and granola bars. I try to choose the healthiest version of each snack when I go to Target or Wal-Mart, but this week I started thinking about how many chemicals and preservatives are in these foods. After all, most of this food doesn’t expire until 2013.

But where did this food come from? How long has it been frozen and chemically altered until it was packaged and shipped to the store closest to my house? How would my diet be different if everything we ate was fresh and local? It would be healthier, yes, but also less convenient. It’s interesting what the American values are when it comes to the food we choose to eat.