The article I read for this week’s assignment is called “Protein: How Much Do We Need?” found on It discusses how much effort American’s put in to eating enough protein, and why. In any diet or health magazine, they discuss how essential protein is for cell growth and repair. But the question is, is it really THAT important? And how easy is it to find protein?

The CDC reports that most Americans eat almost too much protein, and the American Dietetic Association recommends only about 45g or protein a day for a person around 125 pounds. Athletes of course needing more due to the increase in weight training, and to help with endurance.

According to the article, protein is found in so many places, we should hardly have to put in an extra effort to obtain it. Found in yogurt, eggs, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., it’s hard to believe anyone could be protein-deficient. It does not mention this condition being too common, so it apparently is not much of a problem. 

Apparently, over-consumption of protein can lead to an increased chance of heart disease and kidney failure. 

I always thought that vegetarians were not getting enough protein, and that would be a serious problem for their diet. However, I did not realize how common protein is in a variety of foods we eat every day. The article states that non-animal protein sources do not contain enough essential amino acids, though. So vegetarians DO need to eat more protein than us meat eaters do!